Post-Launch Consulting Services

Now you are in business, Sheffield can help carry your company forward into the critical period of early growth.

The Grow Phase supports your business during the decisive months that follow the launch. However successful your start, this is a vulnerable time for any company, with new challenges, opportunities and ideas appearing every day. The early-stage guidance we provide during this period is a major reason why companies launched by Sheffield have a success rate four times the industry average. We will work alongside you month by month, minimizing risky errors and helping you capitalize on your growing strengths.

By this stage, each business is forming its own unique trajectory, so the details of our services are tailored according to the specific needs of your enterprise. Some of the services we provide our clients during this time include speaking at your launch meetings, coaching your executives and sales director, help in training your initial distributors (and interpreting feedback from them), while making necessary adjustments to meet everyone’s goals.

This is also a period when you are likely to draw on our exclusive network of specialist providers.

Appraising New Needs

As you grow, you and your team will generate many exciting ideas about how to expand your product line, energize your distributor base and increase sales. Drawing on our history of advising over 1,000 direct sales companies, we can give your ideas the realistic appraisal that only decades of experience can provide.

Special Projects

The Sheffield team possesses a wealth of knowledge and resources in every aspect of the direct sales industry. We will be available to take on special projects that support your growth, whether your focus is product development, distributor training, executive management, marketing and branding, or some other aspect of the business. As a Sheffield launch client, you will enjoy steeply discounted rates for these services.

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