The Rubber Meets the Road

Th Launch Phase is designed to bring your new business to market in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective manner. We act as your proactive launch partner in the development of your infrastructure. During this time, our team is your team: we relate to your business as if it were our own, and we dedicate ourselves to your success.

During a typical Launch Phase we work with you on:


  • Compensation plan
  • Marketing system
  • Operational planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Branding and naming
  • Distributor recruitment
  • Distributor training
  • Legal support
  • Software system selection

Now you’ve completed the high-level thinking of the Get Ready stage, we get down to details, so that you have all the tools and resources assembled to facilitate a great start to your business.

Note that Sheffield offers you choices about which aspects of the Launch Program you wish to adopt. One outcome of the Get Ready phase is to help you customize your program to match your needs and budget.

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Strategic Planning Workshop

At the heart of the Sheffield Launch Program is a one-day intensive Strategic Planning Workshop, conducted with your team and our panel of executive consultants, either online* or at the Sheffield office.

 The Strategic Planning Workshop creates the blueprint for your launch, addressing a succession of critical decisions on such topics as:

  • Product selection or validation, packaging, positioning and pricing
  • Finalize compensation plan rules and structure
  • Financial projections
  • Company brand positioning
  • Distributor recruitment
  • Operational structure and initial resources required

By the conclusion of the Strategic Planning Workshop, and the phone conferences that follow, you’ll be fully prepared to begin execution of your company launch.

*If the Strategic Planning Workshop is conducted online, it is usually broken into two successive half-day sessions.

The Sheffield Task List

Once the Strategic Planning Workshop is complete, you’ll receive your Sheffield Task List. This comprehensive document gives you a precise, step-by-step action plan to build your new company, with over a hundred specific actions organized under four headings:


Your product or service should deliver unique value to a wide audience, with a story best told in a person-to-person setting. A consumable product is ideal.


Your marketing plan should support person-to-person sales with a compelling brand and  the latest digital technologies.


Your mission, values and business culture should attract and retain customers and distributors in a purpose-driven community.


Your compensation plan should be rooted in your product and marketing strategy, and motivate behaviors that drive growth.

The Task List is the “secret source” of the Sheffield methodology and draws on over 30 years of experience in launching hundreds of companies.

Your Task List is fully customized to your specific company, so you know that each action is precisely geared to get you into business as quickly as effectively as possible.

Compensation Plan Design

The Launch Phase includes the complete development of your compensation plan, exactly calibrated to your market space and business model. The plan is custom-built by America’s leading experts, specifically trained on the proven Sheffield approach to compensation plan design. Whether you require a review of your present plan or the development of a new compensation plan strategy, you are in the best of hands at Sheffield.

You’ll understand exactly which kind of plan is recommended, and for what reasons. You’ll learn how it is designed to motivate the optimum distributor behaviors at different levels of the business. You’ll also be shown how to present the plan in a simple way that both new and experienced distributors can quickly understand.

 Mike Sheffield and his team have authored hundreds of compensation plans and are recognized throughout the industry as the leading experts in this field.

Financial Modeling: The Sheffield Pro Forma

The financial dynamics of MLM have distinctions and complexities not found in any other business, because of the complex interplay of distributor behaviors, rapid cycles, and exponential growth. This makes it challenging for new owners to map their future and make decisions that sustain and grow the company.

Sheffield has developed the industry’s most sophisticated financial modeling tool, the only one of its kind that meets the unique needs of a growing MLM company. Based on this tool, our experts will provide a customized and dynamic pro forma for your enterprise that allows you to develop realistic projections and adapt profitably to changing circumstances.

 With this unique Sheffield service, we provide the roadmap to your financial success.

Distributor Recruitment

Distributor recruitment is critical to your early success. In particular, you need a team of leaders with experience in building organizations quickly.

Sheffield has designed and perfected a powerful system for identifying and attracting top professional networkers to kick-start your recruitment effort. As part of the complete Sheffield Launch Program, we create a detailed plan with tailored guidance on its implementation.

Experts at Your Disposal

The core of your launch program is developed by in-house by the Sheffield Group, with the strongest bench of consultants in the industry.

 For services that Sheffield doesn’t directly provide, we guide you to our world-class team expert service providers. Each one has been hand-selected for their track record of helping companies succeed.  As the coordinator of your launch efforts, we help ensure maximum synergy between all participants.

Services covered by our expert network include:


  • MLM legal services
  • MLM software design
  • Naming and brand strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Website and marketing materials
  • Executive recruitment
  • Merchant accounts acquisition
  • MLM social networking

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