The Sheffield Group is uniquely positioned to advise you on growth. Here’s why: 

First, there is the sheer scope of our industry experience, stretching back 30 years.  We innovate from a place of deep knowledge of core direct selling principles.

Secondly, a significant part of our business is launching startups. For existing companies, this know-how has special value. When you’re looking for growth, a “start-up” mindset can bring fresh energy and insight to an intractable situation. This mindset doesn’t ignore your history, your achievements or your current assets. But it does introduce a nimble and creative approach to growth.

Working with startups also attunes us to the most current trends, challenges and opportunities in the direct selling industry.

Finally, as company owners, operators, and entrepreneurs, we look to get our clients the greatest possible traction for the least expense.

How Sheffield Can Help

We can help you in numerous ways to think about your growth possibilities. Not all of them will be relevant to your particular situation: we’ll tailor our consulting to your needs. Use this checklist to identify where you might draw on help from the Sheffield team and our expert network:

Compensation Plan Issues

Field Expansion and Leader Recruitment

Product Positioning, Sourcing and Pricing

Product Line Extension (or Reduction!)

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Executive Recruitment

Channel Conflict Management

Brand Development

FTC and FDA Compliance Issues

Software Issues

Integration of Digital and NON-MLM Strategies

Capital Formation

Buy or Sell Side Merger and Acquisition

Strategic Partnerships

Something Else…

Let’s Start the Conversation

Whatever your growth issues, an initial conversation with the Sheffield Group carries no cost and the potential for tremendous upside. So let’s connect!

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