Regulatory compliance is no longer about avoiding negatives — it’s about creating an advantage. The company that masters today’s tough regulatory environment gains a serious competitive edge.

You are likely aware that a few key events in the last decade have sent shockwaves through the direct selling world. Major companies have been challenged, or shuttered, by regulatory action. The industry response has ranged from denial to band-aid fixes. Yet the reality is that many companies are still vulnerable to regulatory action. Are you are at risk? We can help you separate the signal from the noise and then craft a way forward that accelerates your success.

Our track record speaks for itself. No direct selling company that started with The Sheffield Group has ever had any regulatory action taken against it. Not one.

Sheffield Can Help

  • Reviewing your compensation plan
  • Reviewing your marketing communications and the claims you and your distributors are promoting
  • Evaluating the way the business is taught by leaders and trainers, whether field or corporate
  • Evaluating your customer and distributor lists and their activities
  • Creating modifications that incentivize distributors to build enduring customer-based businesses
  • Helping you teach your distributors how to grow large teams using the proper building blocks
  • Helping you evaluate social media compliance
  • Evaluating field leadership
  • Helping develop a comprehensive strategy to build stability and strength
  • Helping you recruit and train new field leaders with a new or modified sales method

We’re Here To Help.

Whatever your product challenge, the Sheffield team and network of experts can help you resolve the problem and turn compliance from an annoying headache to a competitive advantage.

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