Our Mission

Service to Mankind is the rent we pay for our space on earth. Our company’s success is directly related to the service we render. The needs of each Sheffield Group client are the number one priority of our company. We are committed to the continuing research and analysis of tactics leading to the success of our clients. We will use these proven sales, marketing, and operational concepts for our client’s benefit. We will enhance our client’s business model and product life cycles. We will only provide advice to our clients based on our true areas of expertise. When the client needs are not our core competency, we will guide them to other experts. We will develop strategic alliances with other competent service providers to create synergy and enhance our mutual success. We will always tell our clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. We will work to build long- term client relationships by striving for a satisfied customer at the end of every consulting project. Our ultimate goal is to earn and keep our client’s friendship, trust, respect and loyalty.

The Sheffield Group’s mission defines the values that drive us. Ours is an industry that transforms lives. We know that by helping our clients fulfill their dreams, we help thousands of ordinary women and men fulfill theirs as independent distributors — both here in the United States and throughout the world. This is the vision that inspires and energizes The Sheffield Group.

Proven Mastery

In the direct sales industry, the name “Sheffield” is synonymous with the launch and nurturing of successful companies. The Sheffield Group has nearly 30 years of experience in launching and advising new companies. Our clients have included:

Some of our clients were already household names when they first approached us. Others achieved fame and fortune after their launch. Several have reached stratospheric earning records. In an industry where failed launches are sadly commonplace, we give newcomers the highest possible chance of sustainable success. This is because we combine three essential ingredients for any startup:

  • Systems
  • Resources
  • Experience

Why The Sheffield System Works

For nearly three decades we have formulated a precise methodology for launching MLM, Party Plan and Direct Sales companies. Beginning with an analysis of the product and business concept, we work with our clients to build their enterprise step by step. In partnership with a select circle of industry experts, we mastermind your launch in every key area: compensation plan, marketing, operations, finance, legal and technology.

Launch Resources

Sheffield’s executive consultants each specialize in critical aspects of your company launch. Additionally, we have built a close circle of top industry specialists — our Team of Leaders. Acting as “general contractors” we coordinate the work of these experts to ensure a seamless inter-disciplinary process that gets you to market faster and with the confidence that you are in the best hands.

Nearly 30 Years’ Experience

In addition to system and resources, our clients discover a touch of magic that only comes from personal experience. Whatever your dream, challenge or opportunity, we have probably encountered some version of it in our work with over 800 companies. Drawing on this vast databank of know-how, we can advise you on the critical decisions that can make or break your company’s future.

Choosing Your Team

As the Direct Sales industry grows, so does the choice of consultants to assist you in your launch. Starting a new MLM, Party Plan or Direct Sales company is immensely complex. You are entering a field rich in opportunity — and rich in hazards, too. Your decision at this point can literally make or break your company. Here are some of the assets that Sheffield offers for you to consider:

  • Nearly 30 years of consistent performance as independent MLM consultants
  • Consulted 18 of the world’s top 100 MLM companies
  • Complete in-house team of specialists and staff
  • Acknowledged as the industry’s leading experts in compensation plans
  • Provide comprehensive education in the MLM industry
  • Customized consulting for your business
  • Proven, proprietary system for recruiting initial distributors
  • Total financial road map, with complete tools to implement it
  • All services at competitive rates

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