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MLM Pricing Strategies

MLM is an excellent alternative to traditional marketing strategies; however, it’s important to keep in mind some of the primary differences between MLM and conventional marketing. Direct Sales vs. Traditional MarketingHow is marketing a product through direct sales...

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Questions to Ask for Crafting a Successful Bio

There will come a point when you’ll want your company showcase to focus around one key individual, featuring a biographical background that presents them in the best light.  If you already have a bio, resume or CV, then you may want to use this guide to help you craft...

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Online vs. Live: Facing Up to a Changed World

A lot has happened in the last two years! How we work and where we work has drastically changed — for better or for worse. Commuting hours a day to an office in the city has been replaced for millions of people by a desk at home and endless Zoom meetings, contending...

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Building a Successful Direct Selling Company

About This VideoMike Sheffield offers MLM startups a roadmap to success in this video. From building a good management team to product and compensation plans, he walks you through the essentials of building a successful direct sales company and reveals the secret of...

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Launching Your Company

About This VideoThink launching your company is a one-step process? Think again! Mike Sheffield walks you through the three phases of launch: soft launch, pre-launch, and grand opening.Let’s Talk About Your BusinessCALL US:480-639-6466

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The Compensation Plan

About This VideoThe compensation plan is the roadmap to your company’s success. Mike Sheffield offers expert advice on planning your ranks, balancing your plan, and avoiding common pitfalls.Let’s Talk About Your BusinessCALL US:480-639-6466

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