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MLM No More: The New Direct Selling Industry

You heard right: MLM No More. What’s happening to cause us to say such a thing?  Of course, direct selling continues as a fundamental business model. But the changes taking place in the industry are so profound, we really have to let go of our old conceptions of MLM....

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What is MLM

What Does MLM Mean?Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a business in which non-salaried sales representatives sell products on behalf of the company while attempting to recruit other sales reps. It’s a business model that provides a wealth of benefits to the owners and...

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Be Passionate About Your Business

by Michael L. SheffieldThe fact that you received and are even reading Direct Sales Journal probably puts you in that elite class of enlightened and exuberant entrepreneurs who are impacting the lives millions of people around the world. As a direct selling or...

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Creating Ideas for Your Next Million Dollar Product

Michael L. SheffieldWhat do a Bull and a Bicycle have in common? If you’re Pablo Picasso, plenty. One day the legendary artist was out in his yard, not doing much, just kind of looking around. As he turned to go back inside, Picasso noticed a rusty old bicycle. The...

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What Does MLM Mean – The Business Model

What Does "MLM" Really Mean? A Quick Overview of The MLM Business ModelPerhaps you've heard people using the term "MLM" during a casual conversation? Have you grown curious about this type of business model? Today some of the world's most successful corporations have...

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5 MLM Companies with the Best Compensation Plans

There is a massive growth in the industry of multi-level marketing (MLM). Everyone these days is intrigued with the idea of starting a business and earning a great income from home. In order to earn a significant income with a MLM company, you must first understand...

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10 Reasons to Attend a MLM Startup Conference

Whether you're someone who is looking to join a new MLM company or you're a veteran in the MLM community, there are plenty of reasons why you should attend an MLM startup conference. From personal growth to financial tips, the reasons run the gamut. If you're in a...

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