Your Unfair Advantage

Over the past 30 years, Sheffield has developed a network of the world’s leading experts in every aspect of direct selling. As the industry’s premier consulting firm, we attract the best players into our circle.

The result is an extraordinary resource that gives you an “unfair advantage” relative to other MLM companies. You can instantly tap into the professionals with the deepest experience, to address any opportunity or challenge you face. Better still, we have negotiated with these providers to ensure they offer our clients preferential rates. Simply put, you get the best for less.

Let us know your needs, and as a Sheffield client we will gladly make the introduction. Here are some of the areas our expert network covers:

MLM Software

Your choice of software provider is critical. The wrong decision can be fatal to your company’s future. Sheffield has invested heavily in vetting software providers, and only a handful are included in our selection of approved companies. These are firms we have worked with for many years, watching closely how they serve our clients and the results they help produce. We will help you select from this trusted circle of providers according to your needs and budget.

Executive Recruiting

The choice of your executive team is a critical factor in your early success. Proven experience in the direct sales industry is vital, as you’ll be competing for top talent with other attractive companies. Sheffield is aligned with the industry’s most consistently successful recruiter of direct sales executives. Based on this relationship, we are able to participate actively in the recruitment process, bringing our knowledge of the client’s particular needs to a proven process for effective recruiting.

MLM Legal

Today, more than ever, direct sales is a highly regulated industry. Product-related regulators such as the FDA and the FTC may also be significant for your company. What many new owners fail to grasp is that MLM law is a highly specialized field and should never be left to a general-purpose attorney, however credentialed. As long-time practitioners in this industry, we know where to find you the best legal counsel for your launch and growth

Digital Marketing

Today the direct selling industry is involved in a massive transformation as personal face-to-face meetings are increasingly replaced by digital encounters. Meanwhile, the never-ending growth of social media is changing how people relate. For both new and existing companies, this demands a much higher focus on the digital dimension of your marketing. It’s essential to fully own your online presence, and to deploy all available tools to support your distributors in their sales efforts. This is an area where you need a coordinated approach, mastered by a team that knows direct selling as well as they know the online world. Sheffield can connect you to exactly those resources.

Branding & Naming

An effective brand will establish your presence in a compelling and memorable way. It must appeal equally to customers and distributors, attracting their interest and holding their loyalty. We will introduce you to our industry’s top branding experts, with long experience in branding for direct selling. If your company or product line requires naming, our partners in this field can deliver on that need, too.

Graphic Design

Visual branding is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining a loyal following. The way you present yourself to the world can communicate authority, friendliness, inspiration, fun, elegance, excitement, or any other qualities appropriate to your brand.  Sheffield can introduce you to world-class design resources with deep experience in the direct selling industry. We can also connect you with exceptional printing services, using the latest technology to help you scale at minimal cost.

App Development

Today, the world of direct selling is largely happening online — and specifically, on the mobile phone. This makes your company app a must-have tool for successful growth. The right app can motivate and guide your distributors, and make the sales process faster and easier. Sheffield has developed a close strategic relationship with a top MLM app developer with deep inside knowledge of the direct selling industry. This is another valuable bonus access that you receive as a Sheffield client.

Merchant Accounts

For direct selling companies, merchant account services can present special challenges because not all banks are well-disposed to our industry. It’s essential to find the right partner in this function: merchant account problems can damage and even destroy a growing enterprise. Sheffield has given high focus to this area and has developed relationships with merchant account experts who can guide you to the best resources based on your product and business model.

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