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First, Learn the Industry – And Consult the Masters!

Know Where to Start

Where are you today? All set to launch an MLM company as fast as you can? Or are you just exploring the possibility? Or somewhere in between?

Whatever stage you’re at, Sheffield Global Academy is the ideal place to start. This is where you’ll gain mastery of the essentials, so you can make informed decisions and effective plans.

Direct Selling is Different… So Be Informed!

Launching a new direct selling company is one of the boldest, most exciting adventures in business. You can change thousands of lives. You can grow at massive speed. And the cost of launch is far less than most conventional startups.

But… MLM is an industry apart. Call it what you like—multi-level marketing, network marketing, social selling, direct sales—this exciting industry is unlike any other business model you’ve experienced.

That’s why education has to be the first step in your journey to successful company launch.

Expertise is Essential

Direct selling is unique, with its own dynamics, culture, regulations, and “laws of success”. Only when you understand the industry are you safely equipped to plan a successful company launch. For this, you need the guidance of experts.

The Sheffield Group is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to launching new MLM companies. We’ve consulted to over 800 direct sales companies, several of which are now billion-dollar enterprises.

Your Crash Course in All Things Direct Selling

Sheffield Global Academy will set you up for success by providing essential knowledge about the direct selling industry.
You’ll also receive high-level consulting from a top Sheffield consultant.

Once you’ve completed the Sheffield Global program you will know:

  • What it takes to successfully launch a direct selling,  MLM, or party plan company
  • Whether your product is the right fit for the industry (and if it isn’t yet, how to make it so!)
  • The fundamentals of the direct selling business model
  • How MLM compensation systems work, and the critical role they play
  • The unique operational issues you must prepare for
  • How to develop a financial plan for the special demands of the direct sales industry
  • What motivates independent distributors—the drivers of your future business
  • How to plan the stages of your launch and recruit your initial team of leaders

You’ll have a clear grasp of what you and your team can do yourselves to execute your launch, and where you are likely to need additional help.

Sheffield Global Academy

A Complete Roadmap in Seven Steps

Sheffield Global Academy is the industry’s only comprehensive online education program exclusively dedicated to direct selling startups. It reveals the MLM launch process in seven Modules of exciting online education, all delivered by Sheffield’s experts through video, audio and text. Each Module provides essential information you need to plan a successful MLM company.

Step 1: Get Ready to Get Started

In this important Module, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of the direct selling industry: what makes it unique, how it drives exponential growth, why some companies succeed while others fail, and what it takes to build an enduring MLM enterprise.

Step 2: Define Your Product

Here you’ll discover what makes for a good MLM product or consumer service offering, and how to select, create or refine your choice for optimum success in direct selling. You’ll get important tips on sourcing your products, and on developing secure relationships with manufacturers or service providers. You’ll also learn about organizing a product line for direct selling, and principles of pricing unique to MLM.

Step 3: Master Your Marketing

This Module reveals the fundamentals of marketing your products using the MLM business model. You’ll learn about the special role of the compensation plan in motivating distributor behaviors. You’ll also gain insights into effective branding for both customers and distributors, plus the marketing tools needed by your “volunteer army” of distributors.

Step 4: Organize Your Operations

A key element of this Module focuses on your executive team, including your most important early hire: the Director of Sales. You’ll also learn about another critical decision, your choice of MLM software. In addition, you’ll discover the essential role of expert MLM legal counsel.

Step 5: Plan Your Finances

This model reveals the cash flow dynamics that are unique to MLM, driven by complex behaviors typical of distributor organizations. Without mastering this information, your company risks early failure. You’ll also learn about budgeting and financial planning for your launch, and tools that can help you manage cash flow as you grow.

Step 6: Understand Your Distributors

Here you’ll learn about distributor dynamics, and the different levels of engagement you can expect from your growing distributor population. You’ll understand the relationship of distributors to customers, and how to build a “book of business” that gives your company maximum capital value.

Step 7: Prepare to Launch

In the final Module, you’ll discover the importance of recruiting an initial team of leading distributors, the hazards of doing this the wrong way, and a clear road map for successful distributor recruitment. You’ll be introduced to the stages of an effective launch, and the principles of successful growth for your early months and years.

The Direct Selling Business Canvas

In addition to the critical education provided by Sheffield Global, you’ll receive a simple but powerful tool for mapping out a direct selling launch. Called the MLM Business Canvas, this captures the essential elements of your business plan on a single, carefully structured sheet. The MLM Business Canvas can become a vital tool for aligning your future executive team and holding the big picture in view throughout all the intricacies of the launch process.

The Sheffield Group Presents:




Everything you need to know for your new or existing direct selling company.

Includes hours of FREE one-to-one consulting with world-class experts.

Our Commitment to Your Learning

Sheffield is not only the leading consultancy in the direct selling industry. We’re also the leading educator. Check out the New Direct Selling Conference, hosted by Mike Sheffield and his team of MLM experts. It’s exclusively focused on helping attendees launch and run a successful direct selling company.

See below how you can attend the New Direct Selling Conference FREE.

Expert, Personal Consulting

As an essential part of the Sheffield Global Academy program, you’ll receive one hour of personal online consultation with a top consultant from the Sheffield team. Using the MLM Business Canvas, your consultant will review your business concept and answer your most pressing questions.

By talking directly with a Sheffield consultant, you’ll draw on our 30+ years of industry experience. Whether you’re ready to launch or just exploring the industry, this one conversation can contribute to massive long-term success, and also save you from costly errors.

Start Learning Now



What You Get:

  • The ONLY Complete Education for Direct Selling Entrepreneurs
  • Your Own MLM Business Canvas
  • One Hour Personal Consulting with a Top Sheffield Consultant

Big Savings


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EXTRA GOOD NEWS! The entire cost of Sheffield Global Academy will be applied to future Sheffield services
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For When You’re Ready…

Comprehensive Support for Your Company Launch

Once you’ve completed Sheffield Global (or immediately if you prefer!) the Sheffield Group can provide total consulting support for your company launch covering every essential element, including:

  • Product Positioning and Pricing
  • Sales Strategy
  • Compensation Design
  • Guidance on Software Selection
  • Distributor Recruitment Program
  • Financial Planning

And More…

The heart of the Sheffield process is our proprietary Sheffield Task List, a dynamic project management tool that enables you to understand, assign and schedule over 150 detailed actions required for your launch

This program begins with the Sheffield Get Ready Day: an intensive one-day encounter with our executive team, either online or in our offices.

Once you choose to experience a Sheffield Get Ready Day, your entire Sheffield Global fee will be credited towards the cost of that program, giving you a massive discount.

To learn more about Sheffield’s comprehensive MLM consulting services, contact us today at 480.968.6199 during normal office hours, MST (Arizona).

About the Sheffield Group

The Sheffield Group is America’s #1 team for launching new MLM companies. Founded by industry icon Mike Sheffield, the company has been the leading consulting organization for direct sales startups for some 30 years. In that time, we have advised over 800 client companies, including many of today’s billion-dollar enterprises. With Sheffield Global, we’ve harnessed technology to make our expertise accessible and affordable for those at the start of their MLM launch journey.


Reach us by phone at +1.480.968.6199 during business hours, US Mountain Time (Arizona).

NOTE: MLM stands for multi-level marketing. We use the term to reference all kinds of direct sales companies, including multi-level (or network) marketing, party plan, referral agent, and direct selling.