The fate of your MLM company lies largely in the hands of your distributors, particularly your top leaders, and your director of sales.

The fate of your MLM company lies largely in the hands of your distributors, particularly your top leaders, and your director of sales.

One of the most serious challenges a direct selling company can face is weakness at the top of the field, and a resulting failure to grow.

On behalf of its clients, Sheffield has addressed this challenge for 30 years, helping hundreds of companies attract the leaders they need and grow their distributor base.

 For an existing company, it’s never too late to initiate a field-growth program. Sheffield can advise you on exactly how to go about this, tailoring our advice to the unique characteristics of your product, marketing strategy and environment.

The Director of Sales

Your director of sales (DOS) is the one individual who can make the most impact on your growth. Are you less than 100% happy with your director of sales’ performance? If so, take a look at these potential problems and ask yourself which applies to your company:

  • My DOS spends too long in the office and not enough out in the field attracting and building leaders.
  • My DOS is doubling as director of training — I lack dedicated human resources for distributor training.
  • MY DOS is also my director of marketing and is distracted by working on our website, marketing materials, etc.
  • My DOS is out of touch with industry trends and is trying to use outdated formulas in a changing market.
  • I have another problem with my DOS…

Sheffield can address any challenge you have with your director of sales. In the best case, we can advise and help train your director of sales to improve performance. We can also guide you on recruiting executives to take on burdens that are distracting your DOS from her or his primary mission.

In the worst case, we’ll work closely with our partners in executive recruitment to find you a replacement.

Field Leaders

 The most common problem with field leaders is loss of energy. At a certain level of success, top distributors settle for the semi-passive income produced by their downline. That’s bad for your company. You need leaders who are ambitious and hungry to keep driving growth.

Partly that’s on the shoulders of your director of sales, whose task is to keep motivating and growing the field. You may also need a push to bring in new leaders.

Sheffield has developed a proprietary process for recruiting leaders for its startup clientele. We have also helped existing companies make a “fresh start” on distributor recruitment with a tailored version of the same program. That proven solution is available to you.

Sheffield can also counsel you on corporate-field relationships, which can sometimes become challenging. When too much power is concentrated in one or two leaders, corporate authority is challenged and you risk losing strategic control. We’ve seen this happen, and we have helped companies re-balance the situation to create the win-win relationship that nurtures growth. We can do that for you, too.

Finally, we can guide you on educating your field on the fast-changing world of direct selling, with the shifting prioritization of product sales over recruitment, and the expanding role of digital technologies.


How to Get Help

The Sheffield consulting team, along with our high-level network of experts, can make a huge and positive impact on your leadership picture. Get in touch today for an initial consultation at no cost, and let’s see how together we can transform your company with great leadership, both corporate and field.

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