Every direct selling company needs capital and / or new partners at some point in its history: during early growth, as the company approaches momentum, or in a period of plateau or decline.

The challenge is not just finding the money, but locating the investing partner who understands — and values — the unique character of the direct selling industry.

The First Step is to Define Your Needs.

Use this checklist as an initial review:

  • Is your challenge fast growth, slow growth, or something else?
  • Are you open to acquiring a direct selling company or its assets?
  • Are you seeking a loan or an equity partner?
  • Are you looking for an exit? Would you consider, a merger, strategic alliance or acquisition of some kind?
  • Are you well prepared to talk to a capital partner, with books in order and a compelling narrative about your company’s value?
  • Do you have the necessary legal and accounting resources in place?

If you’re unsure about some of the answers, no problem. Sheffield has the experience and expertise to guide you through all these issues and more.

How Sheffield Can Help You

With 30 years’ industry experience, Sheffield has an unrivalled grasp of the current direct selling environment. We can see your challenges in the widest possible context. Our perceptions are informed by our work with hundreds of companies, and our ongoing engagement at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

A conversation with our team is guaranteed to open your eyes to new insights and possibilities. Sometimes it’s just one key idea that can transform your company’s destiny.

Specifically, we can guide you on the kind of capital partner best suited to your situation, and the best ways to structure a relationship.

We can also meet with prospective capital partners. Because of our unrivalled industry reputation, they will place the highest level of trust in our insights.

Since we’re not bound to one solution, we’re free to make recommendations that are entirely in your best interests.

Your Next Step

If you’d like to explore your capital needs further with Sheffield, just reach out and let our team know. We’ll arrange for an NDA, so you can speak with full confidence when we get together to explore your needs.

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