Your Day With the Sheffield Team

The heart of the Get Ready phase is a daylong consultation with the Sheffield team of consultants, in person or online*. This is combined with a comprehensive online education program, Sheffield Global Academy.

During the Get Ready phase, we’ll address the key questions you face as you prepare to launch:

  • Is the concept viable?
  • Which kind of direct selling business model is appropriate?
  • What unique opportunities and challenges need to be addressed?
  • How should the product, opportunity and company be positioned?
  • What are the outlines of the marketing approach?
  • Which kind of compensation system is appropriate?
  • What are the steps to early cash flow?
  • What will it cost?

At the end of this process you’ll have a high-level view of your business informed by the most practiced MLM consultants in the industry. You’ll know if and when you should proceed to launch, and exactly what the process will look like.

*If your Get Ready Day is conducted online, it is usually broken into two successive half-day sessions.

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Setting You Up For Success

First, we’ll give you a free subscription to Sheffield Global Academy, the only education program specifically created for direct selling startup founders. It covers all the primary aspects of launch:

  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Compensation
  • Distributors
  • Branding
  • Operations
  • Finance

At the same time, we coordinate and oversee a select team of affiliated experts who provide other services you will need such as:

  • Legal counsel
  • MLM software
  • Corporate and product branding
  • Website
  • Graphic arts
  • Merchant account services
  • Executive recruitment

The education you receive here will massively increase the value you gain from your Get Ready consultation. Because you’ll know all the industry basics, we’ll be able to concentrate on the issues unique to your project.

Sheffield Global Academy positions you way ahead of most startup entrepreneurs in knowledge and understanding of the direct sales industry, even before you sit down with the Sheffield team to explore your enterprise.

Your “GET READY DAY” with The Sheffield Team

The Get Ready Day with the Sheffield Group has been the launch pad for some of today’s most successful direct selling companies. This is the Cape Canaveral of MLM!

Within the first hour, we will construct an agenda tailored to your specific needs. This will guide our work together for the rest of the day. Your Get Ready Day is followed by a phone or online conference, where we review our time spent together, address your questions and explore next steps.

Phase 1 Outcomes

You can expect your Get Ready program with Sheffield will accomplish the following:

  • Define the broad vision and purpose of your enterprise
  • Describe the current status of your company relative to the target market and its needs
  • Determine your general market positioning and core message
  • Determine your product configuration
  • Analyze your product(s) costs and perceived value, and pricing strategies
  • Review of compensation plan options and likely approach
  • Determine your basic marketing strategies
  • Understand basic dynamics of distributor organizations – develop strategies to build within those dynamics
  • Examine the operational structure required to implement and support your launch
  • Examine financial structure and tools needed
  • Understand the basic legal requirements of the industry – choose the right MLM legal team

Every business is unique, and yours might require a modified version of this list. The Sheffield team will ensure that whatever your priorities, they are thoroughly addressed and explored during your Get Ready program.

We’ll also begin introducing you to our Strategic Partners and preferred providers.  These are the adjunct consultants and expert allies that we coordinate to launch great new companies. With Sheffield, you not only work with the industry’s top MLM consultants, you also have access to the very best in every specialty needed for your launch.

We include a branding expert to assess your image and positioning, an executive recruiter to help locate the all important director of sales, app builders and graphic designers, along with experts in software, merchant accounts and MLM law.

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