Ultimately, a company is no better than its products.

In recent years, direct selling companies have been compelled to remember their primary reason for existence is to bring great products to market. Those that forgot, and over-focused on the opportunity side of MLM, put themselves in jeopardy — or out of business.

A successful company is constantly reviewing its product offerings, as consumer tastes change, competition emerges and new technologies open new possibilities.

The company that Mike Sheffield founded over 30 years ago was initially focused on products for the direct selling industry. That expertise has remained and grown in the decades since.

We Have Advised Companies on Every Aspect of Their Product Line

Take a look at this checklist to see where your product needs may lie:

  • Reviewing the current product line
  • Creating entirely new product concepts
  • Selecting from potential available products
  • Anticipating and forestalling competition
  • Bundling, packaging and positioning products
  • Regulation and label claims
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Sourcing and manufacturing
  • Margins and pricing
  • Other product issues

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Whatever your product challenge, the Sheffield team and network of experts can help you resolve the problem and take your product offering to the next level.

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