Where to Find a Good Mentor for MLM, Party Plan and Direct Sales

Oct 27, 2018Sheffield Blog

Many people in the MLM, party plan and direct sales profession have the idea that success only comes from hard work and dedication. While it’s true that these two components play key roles in determining success, there’s another component that may be even more important: having a good mentor. The role of a mentor is to be a teacher, providing advice, guidance and experience to newer MLM professionals who may feel overwhelmed when starting out; however, successful business professionals often rely on mentors throughout their careers to grow and learn.

Where Can You Find a Good Mentor for MLM, Party Plan and Direct Sales?

Wondering how to find a business mentor is perfectly normal, and there are actually a number of easy ways to go about solving this problem. If you haven’t had any luck finding a mentor, or if you’re not even sure where to look, check out the following three resources:

1. Networking Events

Mentors of all experience levels can be found at networking events that are designed specifically for the multi-level marketing industry. Keep in mind that some networking events are only open to members of certain networking groups or clubs, but thankfully, these are typically not difficult or expensive to join. The best part is that all you really have to do to find a good mentor at a networking event is show up and introduce yourself to people. In doing so, you’ll not only have a chance to figure out who may be a good fit for you as a mentor, but you’ll also have the chance to network with other industry professionals to advance your career at the same time.

2. Ask to Job Shadow

Another easy way to find a business mentor is by requesting to job shadow your intended mentor for the day. To do this, it’s typically recommended that you have met the person at least once so you’re not just contacting strangers. If you’ve established a decent rapport, reach out and express interest in spending the day to learn. It also helps if you have studied the person’s business so that you can mention specific accomplishments you admire and mention things you’d like to learn about, such as compensation plans. When job shadowing, take notes and continue to build rapport as this will demonstrate a willingness to learn and can develop further mentoring opportunities.

3. Utilize Network Marketing Mentoring Programs

Finally, if you aren’t sure how to find a mentor or who you should approach, consider turning to network marketing personal coaching services. These services usually offer programs that place you in contact with top MLM consultants who are eager to help burgeoning entrepreneurs learn and grow. One of the additional benefits of using this approach is that you can focus on growing your business while your program partner does the searching and outreach for you.

To learn more about network marketing resources that you can use to find a mentor or a mentorship program, contact Sheffield. The network marketing experts and strategic consulting professionals at Sheffield work with MLM and direct sales entrepreneurs of all skill levels to create strategies that are designed to improve performance, productivity and sales through mentor relationships across the country. Call (877) 232-1952 or click here now to get started!