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Mike Sheffield is recognized as the direct selling industry’s most experienced and accomplished consultant. He’s also acclaimed as the world’s leading expert on MLM compensation plans. As founder of The Sheffield Group, he and his team have launched or advised more than 1,000 companies, including many of the biggest names in the industry.

Clients from all over the world seek out Mike Sheffield’s wisdom and expertise. From his 30 years of setting companies on the path to success, there are few problems he hasn’t seen and few opportunities he hasn’t identified. This gives his clients an enormous advantage, whether they are launching a new enterprise or seeking to take an existing company to the next level.

Breadth of Expertise

Although he is especially renowned for his leadership in compensation plan design, Mike Sheffield is expert on every key aspect of direct selling. These include:

  • Product selection, positioning, sourcing and pricing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Distributor recruitment and compensation
  • Software selection
  • Operational efficiency
  • Financial strategy
  • Corporate development
  • And more…

As an industry leader, Mike Sheffield has been able to attract an inner circle of the finest and most skillful experts in all the specialist fields that direct selling companies need. These include top players in:


  • MLM software
  • MLM law
  • Merchant accounts
  • Executive recruitment
  • Mobile app development
  • Graphic design
  • Branding and naming
  • And more…

Creative Leadership

Clients appreciate Mike Sheffield’s commitment to their success. As he likes to say in the consulting room, “Today, your company is our company. Your success is our success.” 

Because of his depth of experience, Mike Sheffield can draw on a huge range of tactics and strategies. As a result, he often surprises his clients with potent solutions that had never occurred to them. He is always careful to focus on the most essential and necessary steps to get cashflow started or growing. Speed to market, minimizing expenditure, and maximizing profit are keys to his approach.

Mike Sheffield is an industry innovator. Throughout his long career, he has sought to develop new and transformative approaches to the direct selling business model. Today, he is focused on the next generation of marketing strategies, combining traditional tiered distributor organizations with a whole range of C2C (consumer-to-consumer) tools and techniques. These include customer referral systems, influencer marketing, affiliate models, and social media marketing.

In the field of compensation plan design, Mike Sheffield has consistently led the industry in the construction of innovative solutions, combining elements from familiar models and creating new functions as needed. Each plan that he develops is geared precisely to the unique needs, goals, and opportunities presented by the individual client.

As a global player, Mike Sheffield has served clients all around the world, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. He has helped American clients expand to international markets, and international clients launch their operations in the United States.

Sharing the Knowledge

Mike Sheffield believes passionately in the value of education. He sponsors the New Direct Selling Conference: Starting and Running a Successful MLM Company. Several times a year, this conference attracts founders and executives of startup and existing companies eager to learn inside secrets from industry experts.

At the conference, clients get to hear from Mike Sheffield and his team of consultants, as well has the experts from his specialist network. They get to interact one-on-one with him and his team, in 30-minute consultations that are included as part of the education.

Today, Mike continues to meet with clients from all over the world at his Scottsdale offices, where his full team of consultants and staff provide a full-service operation to help new and existing companies flourish. Meetings are also offered online for clients who prefer a digital environment.

The Values That Matter

Mike Sheffield’s approach to the direct selling is strongly rooted in personal values, including the highest standards of business ethics. His primary motivation is service: to his clients, their customers and distributors, and to the community as a whole. He is devoted to the direct selling industry and the enormous benefits it can bring to everyday people.

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Mike Sheffield & The Sheffield Group: Your Expert Direct Selling Consultants

The Sheffield Group leads the industry in direct selling compensation plans. Founder Mike Sheffield is a sought-after expert in the field, and his team has gathered some 30 years’ experience gained from launching or advising over 1,000 MLM  companies.

Beyond that, the Sheffield Group has capabilities to cover every aspect of your business launch and growth — either with the Sheffield in-house team of consultants or with an unequalled network of specialist experts.


  • Concept and Product Review
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Pathways
  • Product Positioning
  • Distributor Recruitment Strategies
  • Financial Modeling
  • Culture Development


  • MLM Software
  • Branding and Design
  • Website and App Development
  • Online Positioning and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Executive Recruitment
  • MLM Law

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