Questions to Ask for Crafting a Successful Bio

Jun 1, 2022Sheffield Blog

There will come a point when you’ll want your company showcase to focus around one key individual, featuring a biographical background that presents them in the best light. 

If you already have a bio, resume or CV, then you may want to use this guide to help you craft a condensed overview of the person’s background that focuses on the most interesting and credible assets that person brings to the company. 

You don’t need a person’s life history. What you’ll need is a short summary of their background that will incite a level of confidence from the reader. How do you begin to craft a bio to that end? The following questions will help guide you toward crafting a successful bio that is relevant to the independent distributors that may join or have already joined your company: 

  • What professional organizations are you members of?
  • Are you – or have you ever been – in any leadership role? Have you spearheaded any initiatives or projects within that role?
  • Have you received any awards or recognition which helps establish your expertise and/or experience?
  • Are you a member of, or do you specifically support any charitable organizations that relate to your identified company vision, mission or philanthropic cause? How does your support of that organization exemplify your expertise?
  • Have you participated as an instructor or trainer in your field of expertise?
  • Have you authored any applicable training courses, manuals or special presentations, including audios, videos or speeches?
  • Do you have any professional designations, training titles or certifications that show your credentials and establish you as an expert?
  • Make a list of the seminars and other training events you have attended that can demonstrate your business depth and width, and show that you have a commitment to personal empowerment.
  • Are you involved in or have you taken any type of leadership roles or responsibilities in the community?
  • Are you involved in or do you have leadership responsibilities in philanthropic efforts?
  • Have any of your personal ideas, efforts or responsibilities been recognized as making contributions to the success of a product, or organization, particularly in the field related to your company or product? Have you been awarded any patents?
  • Elaborate on your business background. What are you most proud of accomplishing in your professional life?
  • Elaborate on your direct selling, MLM or party plan background. What makes this experience important to you? Have you had the opportunity to impact others through direct selling? If so, how?
  • With respect to your professional expertise, would you best be described as a traditional business person, direct sales expert, or entrepreneur? Why?
  • Elaborate on your internet background and acumen, as the MLM market is hugely internet-based. What are you bringing to the table for the distributors from your experience that will help them succeed? 
  • If you have a background in direct selling, what awards, incentives and recognition have you received? How do these accolades help you encourage others to succeed? 
  • Describe your experience, if any, in the network marketing or direct sales industry. If you were an independent distributor what rank was achieved? Describe how your direct selling experience will help your distributors.
  • Briefly discuss how you motivate people or teams. What separates your methodology towards sales and success from others?