Your Customers Love Your Product. Let Them Promote It!


You’re successfully selling on Amazon, and you’ve garnered great reviews for a quality

That means people are ALREADY referring their friends. Are you fully benefiting?
Person-to-person marketing is the most powerful sales engine in the world. The question is…

How can you leverage that power to drive exponential growth?

And the answer is…

Talk to Sheffield!

We’re the experts on P2P marketing, rooted in 30+ years as direct selling experts. Today, we’re about integrating EVERY form of P2P in one seamless system:

  • Customer rewards systems
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencers (UGC)

And more…

We’re inviting you to experience a free consultation with a Sheffield P2P expert.

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At the end of this process you’ll have a high-level view of how to leverage P2P marketing from some of the most practiced direct selling consultants in the industry.

You’ll know if and when you should proceed to launch, and exactly what the process will look like.