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To Massive Growth


Sheffield Leads The Field in P2P Marketing

Market noise is making customer acquisition harder. P2P is the solution.

Person-to-person marketing is the the oldest — and the newest — pathway to exponential sales growth.

Go beyond affiliate, influencer and direct selling models. With Sheffield, you’ll unlock the integrated power of consumerdriven sales.

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Sheffield has advised or launched over 1,000 great companies.

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Why Person-to-Person Marketing?


Consumers trust each other more than ads or corporations


You only pay for the sale once it’s made.


You totally bypass online and media noise.


Personal reference builds brand loyalty.


Done right, P2P triggers exponential growth

P2P: A Universe of Possibilities

Sheffield P2P is an omni-channel strategy that leverages the unbeatable power of one happy consumer speaking to another:

The keys to P2P success: integration + attribution.

Integration means every component fits into one seamless marketing system, with no channel conflicts. Attribution means you can instantly trace the source of every sale.


Done right, with your primary focus on creating happy customers, MLM is still the surest path to exponential sales growth.


Tap into the huge population of online marketers looking for products like yours to promote and sell.

Customer Referrals

Motivate existing customers to bring new customers without “being in business.”

Social Media

Incentivize the right influencers for your brand, and use the new ATM system for attraction marketing.


Control and monetize your Amazon brand without conflicting with other sales channels.


Standup dedicated teams to engage businesses who will sell your product to their customers.

Not every tactic is right for every brand. What’s the right fit for you? We select and integrate the mix that best suits your product & audience.

Your Free Consultation with Sheffield: What to Expect

Our objective is to immediately begin designing the best path to achieve your goals. No obligation, no pressure sales — just a short call packed with value for your business.

“They Trust Each Other More Than They Trust You!”

Why Person-to-Person Marketing is the New Pathway to Massive Growth

Your Single Source Solution

Sheffield’s full bench of in-house consultants brings personal experience as company founders and leaders. Where outside expertise is needed, we’ll connect you to our worldclass network of top-ranked providers. That way, we make sure all your needs are covered.

Our In-House Expertise

  • Proven Roadmaps for Startup or Scale Up
  • Disruptive Strategies for Sales Growth
  • Profitable Product Selection and Positioning
  • Innovative Compensation Models
  • Budget-Wise Operational Planning
  • Effective Affiliate and Distributor Recruitment
  • Advanced Financial Forecasting Tools

Our Network’s Expertise

  • Mastery of the Digital Environment
  • Affiliate and Direct Selling Software
  • P2P App Creation
  • Industry-Relevant Executive Recruitment
  • Merchant Accounts for Direct Selling
  • Specialist Legal Counsel
  • P2P Branding, Writing and Design

Sheffield’s Magic Touch: Experience + Innovation

In the past 30+ years, The Sheffield Group has launched or advised over 1,000 companies. Several of our clients are now billion-dollar enterprises. We grew up in the world of direct selling. Now we’re helping reinvent that multi-billion dollar industry to leverage the new technologies of the 21st century.

Here’s what the Sheffield team can do for your company:

The world has changed, presenting new challenges and new opportunities. Sheffield is the leading force in person-to-person marketing, driving growth for brands with fresh thinking and innovative strategies.

As a Sheffield client, you stand to benefit first from our P2P revolution.

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