Robust Operations are the Platform on which Sustainable Growth is Possible.

Robust operations are the platform on which sustainable growth is possible. The special demands of direct selling, and the potential for rapid growth, can place unique stresses on your staff and infrastructure, so it’s essential that these are recruited and designed with full knowledge of this industry.

Our team can help you design a solid infrastructure for your MLM prelaunch, guide you through your startup phase and advise you on your existing operations to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness.

The Sheffield Group Team is Strategically Equipped to Support You in All These Areas.

For operational consulting, we look at your business in four key areas: Operations, Marketing, Sales and Finance, and we create a Task List tailored just for you. We can also develop a distributor manual customized especially for your distributors. If your area of need is not one of our core competencies, we will gladly make recommendations or refer you to our network of experts.

Sheffield Can Help

Without the proper personnel, hardware, software and systems in place, your company will experience many unwanted challenges and needless. The following operational functions will be supporting your marketing efforts and are all necessary pieces in furthering the success of your business enterprise:

  • Distributor Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Control
  • Order Processing
  • Controlled Growth and Expansion
  • FDA, FTC and Other Regulatory Agency Compliance
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Location
  • Office Space and Number of Employees Required
  • Communications Requirement

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