Online vs. Live: Facing Up to a Changed World

May 3, 2022Sheffield Blog

A lot has happened in the last two years! How we work and where we work has drastically changed — for better or for worse. Commuting hours a day to an office in the city has been replaced for millions of people by a desk at home and endless Zoom meetings, contending all the while with spouse, kids and pets. Some have embraced the change, others detest it. Either way, the trends suggest that it’s going to stay that way. Even post-pandemic, most experts anticipate a hybrid mix of office and home. 

This transformation has of course impacted the direct selling industry, most especially the party-plan sector, which was built entirely on the excitement of face-to-face gatherings in people’s homes. 

Those who loved the fun and community around in-life parties, with drinks, horderves, decorations and games, may miss the in-person setting of such an event. (Of course, they may not miss the cleanup and the work associated with hosting!) The change from in-person parties to online platforms, like Facebook Live, has been sweeping and fast. However, for those who may miss all of the tangible elements of home parties, the good news is that remote events have gotten more engaging for hosts and invitees alike. Parties can now be as fun and successful online as they were in an actual home.

People have got used to connecting online, and a good host will quickly make everyone feel welcome by stimulating plenty of chat and laughter. Games are easy to play, and the online environment makes instant shopping easy. That said, live parties still tend to generate higher sales, so when and where they are safely possible they should be encouraged.

Another benefit of the shift to online is that it makes direct selling more attractive to the younger generation, who are often more comfortable in the digital world than the real one! Young women in particular are leading the success of online parties, and older consultants may have much to learn from them. 

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