Network Marketing Recruiting: The Guide to Getting Top Talent

Nov 2, 2018Sheffield Blog

Recruiting new team members as an MLM business professional is vital to success, but it’s also fun as it gives you the chance to interact with new people and make networking contacts. What’s important to remember, however, is that your recruiting strategy needs to be clearly defined and thoroughly mapped out in order to find the right people and bring them on to your team. In addition, it takes more than just the right attitude to find success in recruiting; it takes a drive and passion for building your business and encouraging others to be their best.

What is MLM Recruiting?

Before diving into the strategy portion of your recruiting plan, you first need to think about what MLM recruiting is at its core. The MLM model is based off of bringing new members onto your team so that you can all share in the benefits of the products or services you’re selling. In this way, recruiting is the lifeblood of your business as you will want your team members to recruit people into their own teams under your umbrella as time goes by. As a result, approach your network marketing recruiting efforts with the mindset of a team leader who wants to see others succeed instead of solely concentrating on your own success.

2. It’s good to make professional connections

Recruiting requires you to talk to people, but more importantly, it requires you to listen to people. Too often, professionals starting out in the network marketing recruiting recruiting process will try to sell an idea, and in doing so, they do all the talking and come across as pushy and self-centered. Instead, learn to listen as this will not only put you in a position of authority, but it will give you the chance to answer questions and figure out whether a prospect will be right for your team.

You should also manage expectations when interacting with a prospect and when working with team members. It’s great that you have big dreams and goals, but you need to be realistic in approaching them so that you don’t mislead anyone. If you tell a recruit that he or she will definitely earn a certain dollar amount within a specific time period, and then that doesn’t happen, the recruit will lose faith in you and your leadership abilities quickly. Instead, let prospects and team members know both the good and the bad about your business as honesty goes a long way in selling an idea.

Don’t Limit Your Recruiting Efforts to the Web

These days, you can recruit from virtually anywhere using the Internet, but don’t forget the value of in-person contact. It’s a great idea to have as many online marketing efforts taking place as possible, but try to plan some time to meet recruits in person. This can also be a powerful tool in your recruiting funnel as you filter the best prospects from online sources and meet with them in person to provide a more in-depth informational session.

When a Prospect Doesn’t Follow Through

Finally, it’s a simple fact in the MLM profession that not all prospects are going to follow through. Some may show interest but flake out when it comes time to commit, while others join the team and then fade away. No matter how good you are at recruiting, this is going to happen, so try not to let it get to you and never take it personally. Recruiting, despite your leadership qualities and hard work, comes down to talking to as many qualified candidates as possible, so you have to keep moving forward to grow your MLM business.

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