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For a direct selling company, the compensation plan is a critical tool. It maps the system whereby independent distributors get paid for their own sales, and for the sales of others that they have recruited.

But compensation plans can be complex, and there are many different kinds to choose from. For this reason, startup direct selling companies often begin by looking for the right MLM compensation plan consultants.

Existing companies who’ve hit problems with sales or growth also have good reason to seek out MLM compensation plan consultants.

The Missing Ingredient

But… be warned!  What many startups and existing companies miss is the importance of all the other factors that drive success in this industry.  The best consultants excel at compensation plan design — and they’re also masters of the bigger picture. They will show you how to integrate a great plan into a total strategy for launch or growth.

That’s what defines the Sheffield approach, and it’s what makes the Sheffield Group the most celebrated MLM compensation plan consultants in the direct selling industry.

In a moment we’ll take a look at the details of compensation plan design, but first the bigger picture.

Beyond Compensation

A common misconception is that the right compensation plan will guarantee growth in direct selling. This is far from the case. Here are five factors that will have GREATER impact on your future, whether you’re a startup or an existing MLM:

  1. A compelling value proposition: Products that consumers love and want at the price you’ve set.
  2. A thriving company culture: Values, attitudes and practices that attract and retain customers and distributors.
  3. Optimum use of technology: A fast, easy, and pleasant shopping experience at the front end and business management at the back end.
  4. Superb branding and marketing: A simple, compelling brand, a strong social media presence, and exciting marketing tools.
  5. Great leadership: Inspiring, supportive, and honest leadership by the executive team.

When all of these factors are optimized, the right compensation plan simply adds more value to an already successful enterprise. That’s why the best MLM compensation plan consultants will address these factors first. Only Sheffield has the proven track record of delivering on all aspects of direct selling success — including compensation plan design, but going way beyond.

How Sheffield Builds the Right Plan for You

When Sheffield designs your actual compensation plan, one important decision is the type of plan to adopt. As you begin researching compensation plans, you’ll run into names like:

  • Stairstep Breakaway
  • Matrix
  • Unilevel
  • Binary

These are some of the most common types of plan. There are many others, and many variants of each type. A frequent mistake is to get excited about one type of compensation plan because it’s familiar or has features that appeal to you. The choice of plan needs to far more rational than that. Here are just three of the factors the Sheffield Group will consider in choosing the right type of plan for your enterprise:

  • Your product profile — Low price or high price? Single purchase or recurring? Unique or commodity?
  • Your target market — A single audience or several? Primarily male, female or both? Affluent or not?
  • Your competitive environment — Other MLM companies with a similar product? Other MLM companies with a similar opportunity?

Once the type of plan is identified — and it may be hybrid combination of types — the next step is to customize the plan for your company. This will require a deeper dive into the exact business model and sales process that you will adopt.  Only with all this information and analysis are your MLM compensation plan consultants equipped to create a plan for lasting success.

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Sheffield: Your MLM Compensation Plan Consultants

Founder Mike Sheffield is renowned as an industry leader in compensation plans, and the consulting team he’s built over 30 years is exceptionally qualified to deliver the solution best suited to your needs.

Beyond that, the Sheffield Group has capabilities to cover every pillar of your future success — either with our in-house team of consultants or by drawing on our unrivalled network of specialist experts.


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