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Online vs. Live: Facing Up to a Changed World

A lot has happened in the last two years! How we work and where we work has drastically changed — for better or for worse. Commuting hours a day to an office in the city has been replaced for millions of people by a desk at home and endless Zoom meetings, contending...

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Building a Successful Direct Selling Company

About This VideoMike Sheffield offers MLM startups a roadmap to success in this video. From building a good management team to product and compensation plans, he walks you through the essentials of building a successful direct sales company and reveals the secret of...

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Launching Your Company

About This VideoThink launching your company is a one-step process? Think again! Mike Sheffield walks you through the three phases of launch: soft launch, pre-launch, and grand opening.Let’s Talk About Your BusinessCALL US:480-639-6466

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The Compensation Plan

About This VideoThe compensation plan is the roadmap to your company’s success. Mike Sheffield offers expert advice on planning your ranks, balancing your plan, and avoiding common pitfalls.Let’s Talk About Your BusinessCALL US:480-639-6466

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What Is a Multilevel Marketing Company?

About This VideoIn this video, Mike Sheffield breaks down the different types of direct sales business models: one-to-one selling, one-to-many selling, multilevel marketing, and hybrid selling models. Which one is best for you? This video reveals the most important...

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Which Comes First? Product or Opportunity?

A debate has long raged in the direct selling world: lead with the product vs lead with the opportunity. To better address which is more important, let’s first review the regulatory environment, because this has a direct impact on the issue. The Pyramid TrapPyramid...

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Compensation Plans: The Untold Secrets

Many people misunderstand the role of the compensation plan in the direct selling business. While it is important, it is not as critical as your product or service, nor your management team and company culture. The compensation plan is important because it drives...

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MLM No More: The New Direct Selling Industry

You heard right: MLM No More. What’s happening to cause us to say such a thing?  Of course, direct selling continues as a fundamental business model. But the changes taking place in the industry are so profound, we really have to let go of our old conceptions of MLM....

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What is MLM

What Does MLM Mean?Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a business in which non-salaried sales representatives sell products on behalf of the company while attempting to recruit other sales reps. It’s a business model that provides a wealth of benefits to the owners and...

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