Getting The Most Out of a Network Marketing Startup Conference

Nov 8, 2018Sheffield Blog

Multi level marketing is a concept on the rise. Many people are reaping great rewards through it. New startups are emerging to take advantage of the idea. If you intend to use the network marketing structure to market your startup, you are in the right place. In case you are wondering how to do multi level marketing, worry no more. Below is a guide on how to go about it.

Set your objectives

You will not take advantage of MLM if you don’t set out your priorities right. Your goals have to be specific. There should be a metric attached to each goal to make it motivating. Give your goals a timeline. That will help you stay focused.

It takes about 3-5 minutes to make acquaintances. If you want to connect with 100 people during the event, you will need to spend at least 300-500 minutes hoping from one person to the next. Is it possible? Will it be effective?

Ensure your goals are logical, as there is no need of connecting with 100 people. Go for value instead of quantity. If possible, qualify the people before the MLM event.

Engage the right network marketing consultant

A good MLM consulting company will tell you that you need experience and class in a consultant. It is easy to fall prey to scammers who will expose your business to legal issues. Use a marketing guru who can clearly envision a viable business proposition. Remember, people are always wary of pyramid and Ponzi schemes, which often present themselves as network marketing startups.

Make conversations

It takes practice to perfect your networking. Practice the art of breaking silence. Some people use history to break up the silence. Others use the weather. Whatever works for you, ensure your ears are listening, or your mouth is talking. Be careful not to look rehearsed.

If you need MLM training, you can contact an MLM consulting company or a network marketing consultant to guide you. You don’t have to be the greatest talker to make conversations. You can be the cool person that is sociable and approachable. People want to connect with such people. Make your public address count.

Collect contact details

They say giving is better than receiving. However, when it comes to contacts, be the grateful recipient. If someone asks for your contacts, insist on getting theirs, too. You want to be in charge of future correspondence. As will be seen below, when you have a contact vault, you can do more than just sending promotional materials.

Interest people in your idea

Not everyday you are selling, sometimes you just want to hear people’s opinion on something. When you are starting, let people comment on the idea without necessarily knowing it is your idea. People will be nice to you even when they think your idea is not great. Do not allow them to do that. If possible, pose as the friend. Gather feedback that will be used to sharpen your go-to-market. Sometimes having a great product to push is not enough. It takes a great deal of learning and sometimes some MLM training to be successful.

Make follow-ups

Once the event is over, make a programmable schedule of how you will contact your targeted people. Take time to prepare the content that you send them. There is a tendency to forward messages to multiple people. It is okay to do that when you have unqualified leads. However, take time to infuse a personal touch in the communication.


Multi level marketing is a great way to do direct selling. You leverage on other peoples networks to grow your business in leaps and bounds.