Recruitment is the lifeblood of every Direct Sales, MLM and Party Plan company. We can accelerate your initial recruitment with our proprietary Presidential Founder Candidate Program.

Experience has shown that the early acquisition of strong distributors can be a make-or-break issue for a young direct sales company. Your ability to succeed is in direct proportion to your ability to recruit effectively and to retain your distributors.

The point of recruiting is not merely to attract large numbers of excited individuals into your company, it is to find and establish a team of leaders who have the experience and know-how to quickly build a robust organization.

Some companies mistakenly tackle the problem by enrolling one “master distributor” who stands at the top of every downline. This effectively makes your company a hostage to a single individual, usually a dangerous and costly strategy. The Sheffield approach is to build a team of a dozen or so experienced and currently qualified leaders who are all frontline to the company, and we have a proven system to help you do just that.

Experience has repeatedly shown the extraordinary power of the Presidential Founder Candidate program. Ask the Sheffield team about how you could harness this power for your enterprise.

How to Build Your Team of Leaders

Our Presidential Founder Candidate (PFC) program is carefully calibrated to attract highly experienced distributors at the beginning, who prove their ability to build again within your company program over a specific period of time.

A critical aspect of the PFC Program is that your new leaders have to prove their abilities to you: the strongest resume isn’t sufficient to award someone the status of “Presidential Founder” with its financial rewards and (just as important) ongoing prestige. He or she is a “Candidate” until specific benchmarks have been achieved.

Sheffield can provide you with a complete PFC program, with the necessary documents, systems and communications to help you accelerate your early growth with a team of proven leaders.

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