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Who You Are!

Branding, Naming & Content Creation

Your brand is what you mean to the people who matter: prospects, customers, affiliates, influencers and distributors.

A great brand reveals who you really are. Authentic branding draws people towards you, and then keeps them close.

From Thinking to Doing

Your brand is only as good as its implementation.

That’s why we provide you with outstanding writing and design to create the marketing tools that will set your brand apart from the crowd.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is your compass: it sets the direction for your brand to evolve successfully as the business grows.

Here are some of the questions your brand strategy will answer:

  • “Who is our primary audience, and what do they care about?”
  • “What’s the Big Idea that sets our brand apart?”
  • “What’s our purpose, beyond making a profit?”
  • “What’s our personality — the tone and feeling of the brand?”
  • “What are the core messages we will keep communicating to the market?”

The answers you need are the ones that can produce compelling marketing communications. The ultimate goal of your branding is business growth.


Sometimes your most pressing requirement is a brand name. Naming is a challenge because the possibilities seem endless, yet trademark and URL availability is scarce.

Mastering this challenge, we offer a structured approach to company and product naming that has proven effective in one case after another.

With well-defined criteria, and collaborative steps towards a defined goal, your naming project can be quickly and successfully completed.


Visual language is uniquely powerful in making an emotional connection.

The key to great brand design is not just beauty — it’s beauty that aligns with your purpose and speaks to your chosen audience.

Our team will deliver a complete brand identity, along with website design, packaging, brochures, and any other visual requirements you may have.

Content Creation

Writing is the equal partner of design in the execution of a powerful brand.

We offer every kind of content creation, including website writing, video scripts, email campaigns and press releases.

Quality is guaranteed: the writing comes from a provider with over 40 years’ experience in creating powerful and persuasive copy.

The Sheffield Branding Team

Sheffield has assembled a world-class team to satisfy your branding needs.

Brand strategy, naming and content creation are provided by our strategic partner, Jon Ward Consulting Services, the leading branding experts in the direct selling industry.

Brand design is provided by Summation, a firm that combines world-class visual creativity with unrivaled experience in the direct selling world.

Working closely with the Sheffield consultants, this team has been building client brands in the direct selling world for over 10 years, and we’re excited to bring our combined magic to your enterprise.

Next Steps 

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