5 MLM Companies with the Best Compensation Plans

Dec 7, 2018Sheffield Blog

There is a massive growth in the industry of multi-level marketing (MLM). Everyone these days is intrigued with the idea of starting a business and earning a great income from home. In order to earn a significant income with a MLM company, you must first understand how compensation works in the network marketing industry. It is important to research each company you are interested in and look at the pros and cons of each one. Since there are so many companies to choose from, here are the top MLM companies with the best compensation plan:


ARIIX is a global company with multiple independent lifestyle brands. They are the very first in the industry to provide a multiline compensation plan called Activ8. Activ8 is a revolutionary concept that allows for long-term residual wealth. It is the only compensation plan known in the industry that pays out $0.50 on every dollar making it the best multi level marketing compensation plans out there. With a patent-pending auto balancing algorithm, it ensures that profitability is maximized to its fullest. This compensation plan also introduces a cost of living increase accommodation where commissions will increase accordingly based on geographic location and how the economy is performing. It doesn’t just stop there either! Activ8 allows the ability to enroll under one person and then again in a completely separate team, which welcomes team building and cross-line support where everyone is being rewarded financially. If your current compensation plan is a little stale, consider this method as an alternative option.

2. LifeVantage

Specializing in a new science called Nutrigenomics, LifeVantage exists to better your health by testing, researching and creating products that address the biochemical effects of aging. There are two ways to join LifeVantage and make money; by being a preferred customer in which you buy products at wholesale prices or as a distributor, where you earn commissions from your personal sales and down line. Success relies not only on unique products and services, but also a strategic compensation plan that offers significant financial opportunities. Retail sales, bonuses, royalty commissions, rank achievements and having a business center are all numerous ways to generate an income with LifeVantage making it one of the top MLM compensation plans out there.

3. Total Life Changes

Once you join as a representative for Total Life Changes, a company selling lifestyle products like beauty, hygiene and skin care products, you can start earning money on the products that you sell. They have a hybrid binary compensation plan which means commissions are earned from who you personally refer and the purchases made from those people referred. Under Total Life Changes’ compensation plan, recruiting top talent is key to financial growth. Fast start bonuses are given where you earn 50% commission on the first order from your recruit as well as a matching bonus of up to 50% matching what your recruits earned from their binary commission.

4. Thrive

Thrive is another company with the best MLM compensation plan in the industry. As a brand promoter, you earn 20% on your customers’ orders and up to 8% in each level of your down line tree. This is a great compensation plan for both beginners and experienced professionals. One of the best parts about Thrives pay plan is their bonuses! Many MLM companies fail due to the fact that they aren’t creating a culture for success. At Thrive, you earn cash bonuses towards luxury vehicles and go on paid vacations through their compensation plan. This develops strong leadership within the company through these bonus incentives which greatly impacts the company’s overall success.

5. doTerra

With their renowned line of essential oils, doTerra is a leading company with one of the best MLM compensation plans. There are three ways to earn an income with doTerra with their unilevel plan. This is the simplest plan, where you earn commissions from both your sponsors and also commissions from people in your down line. You earn retail profit which is paid out monthly at 25% of the profit made from retail customers, you can earn fast start bonuses from your new enrollee’s sales during their first 60 days, and you can also earn generation bonuses.

Companies may decide to change or alter their compensation plan if they see it necessary, but these are the four most common types of compensation plans in MLM:


  • Breakaway Plan – With this compensation plan, distributors climb steps when they reach certain levels within the company. For each step you climb, the products you purchase to sell are discounted at higher rates the farther along you go. Once you reach a certain level, you can break away from that upline and start a new one collecting royalties from sales within that line.
  • Unilevel Plan – This is one of the easiest plans to administer and explain. This is where you sponsor into one level and earn commissions on the people who your downline members sponsor.
  • Matrix Plan – With this type of compensation plan, as the distributor, you recruit people and their downline falls under you. Each matrix can vary in the width and depth you achieve. This is one of the best compensation plans and the most widely used in generating more income.
  • Binary Plan – This is when you build two legs and get paid a percentage on the leg with the least amount of volume. Although you get paid for both legs, your percentage fully depends on the lowest volume leg.